Thursday, February 07, 2008

This is a terrible job market

I just told John in an email that the job market in Pittsburgh stinks and it really does. You can't any decent jobs here at all. Everything is minimum wage. If you have anything more than a high school education, you need to move to find something decent. I've been looking all over for a new job. I've even looked on the internet but most of the large job sites only hire for agencies. I want a permanent job not something temporary.

In anticipation of our move to Florida, I'm looking at companies there as well. There are companies like that have jobs here and abroad especially in the Cayman Islands.

Check out their press release and decide if this is something you might be interested in. is rapidly expanding its customer base and it has noted that the Cayman Islands is increasingly becoming the number one choice of destination for many of its candidates.

Adam Bendall, a co-Director, commented “Cayman has always had to battle with other locations such as Bermuda in order to fill the vast number of finance jobs which exist. Although there is still a high level of competition for the best candidates, Cayman seems to be gaining the upper hand. We are seeing increasing numbers of candidates selecting Cayman as their first choice destination”.

There are a number of possible reasons for this trend such as the probable impact of tougher work permit restrictions which are being proposed in Bermuda. Cayman is also helping to market itself by developing its businesses in key areas, as Mr. Bendall continues “Cayman has a thriving business sector which continues to gain in strength, particularly in the Managed Fund and Hedge Fund industry”.

In terms of what this means for, the business is extremely positive. Mr. Bendall continues “Our web-based strategy enables us to adapt quickly to changes in the offshore job market. We are excited about the opportunities these situations present to our candidates and we look forward to matching their skill-sets to many of the fantastic jobs that are available in this exciting destination”.

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