Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I think John wants to buy a car

Sigh. We really don't need this expense right now. I already have a car and neither of us drives to work. So he really doesn't need a car right now. But what was he doing last night when I got home? Looking at Car Prices on the internet. He's leaning towards a Malibu or a Impala. I keep trying to tell him to wait until we move to get a car because we'll be living together and we'll be able to cut our housing expense. My car would also be closer to being paid off than it is right now.

The only thing he really wants in a car? Radio controls on the steering wheel. He doesn't really care about anything else. At least he is trying to compare prices and researching cars and features. That way he knows exactly what he's getting into and what the car should cost. I just hope he takes my advice and waits to buy the car. We really need to save our money right now.

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