Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Maybe I should use flashcards for school

I just found a new website that helps people improve their grades. It's called and it's not just for kids. The site is for everyone from small children to med-school students. People learn better when they use flashcards to use. In early testing, the average increase in test scores was 12.3%.

Cards can be created and shared online. You can even add pictures and sound to help aid in the learning process. Once you're done, the system will create a test for you and correct your answer. I'm taking a history class this summer which is probably the worse subject next to math for me. It's a class that spans over 100 years so all you do is study events and dates. The flash cards concept would really work for me.

Why don't you visit the site and see if the flash cards will work for you.

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