Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I got a call-back

One of the jobs that I applied for called me back for an interview. It's tomorrow afternoon. I wish the recruiter had morning appointments because I would rather go in the morning and get it over with rather than languishing all day thinking about it.

I really didn't expect to hear from this job because it had been so long since I applied for it. I sent in my resume back in early December so I figured they would have hired somebody by now. I like when hiring managers make decisions right away. When they take months to hire somebody, it makes me wonder exactly what they're looking for. I mean where none of the other candidates qualified or do they have unrealistic expectations of the candidates for the job.

Oh well, I'll just go tomorrow and give it my best shot. The worse thing that can happen is that I don't get the job. I mean they won't shoot me or anything. And on the bright side, I may even get the job. How sweet would that be?

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