Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My taxes are done finally

And I'm happy to say I don't owe! That was my biggest fear. I thought I would owe big-time this year and I didn't, I got a refund! That really made me happy. My refund is $275. I do owe the state $24 which is not surprising since I owe them every year.

Last year I hardly had any deductions. This year, I'll have my 401k, student loan interest and I'll be able to take the Lifetime Learning Credit. I don't really care about my refund status. I try to withhold just the right amount. I know a lot of people claim no exemptions so they get a bigger refund. Not me, I claim 1 all year long. I would rather have the money in my check than worry about a refund. I will admit it feels good to get one this year though.

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