Monday, April 16, 2007

Thank goodness this semester is almost over

I don't think I could take much more school this semester. Last week was the worst. We were supposed to have a quiz and lecture and be done. We had a extra in-class assignment to do. It will make it easier for her to grade. All she has to do now is drop one 15 point quiz.

I had a death in the family so I didn't study. I couldn't afford to miss the class however so I still went. I had already missed a class when the weather was sub-zero. That quiz is the score that will get dropped. I can't afford a zero too as I'm barely hanging on to my B- as it is.

I did get my extra credit project done. At least I'll get a few extra points there. Tomorrow is just a review day. Unfortunately the final is cumulative. Next week, I'll be studying like there's no tomorrow.

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