Saturday, April 21, 2007

Personal finance programs on tv

I watched the end of a program on CNBC. The little bit I saw was pretty interesting. They had 4 personal finance experts giving their thoughts on becoming a Millionaire.

I really don't remember any of their names, but the one that interested me the most was the woman who believes everyone should be entrepreneurs. She said that you can start your own business or become a partner. She told one woman that she was probably not charging enough for her services. She told her to take every job that came her way, charge more and get help to take some of the work off of her hands.

She also suggested that anyone that was considering become an entrepreneur to straddle between their two worlds. Those two worlds being their regular job and their new business. She doesn't suggest that anyone just quit their job to start their own business. You should have income coming in and build your own business at the same time.

I can't wait until they repeat the program so I can catch it from the beginning. There seemed to be a lot of useful advice.

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