Wednesday, April 04, 2007

School is almost over for the semester

I can't wait. Next week is our last quiz and lecture. The following week is a review for the final. And the next week (3 weeks away) is the final exam. The only bad thing is that the final exam is cumulative. Some of the concepts build upon each other so you can just break them down and get the answer. Other things you learn and use once and that's it. It seems the latter is most of the information we learned. I have learned a lot but this has been a long semester.

I didn't register for the summer because there are no classes that fit into my schedule. I'm not surprised. I really didn't expect there to be a bunch of night classes in the summer. The only class I really wanted to take is a online class. I'm the type of student who needs structure, so it's not a realistic option for me.

I did register for 2 classes for the fall, macro-econ and pre-calculus. I did take macro before at the community college, but it didn't transfer in. I should at least have a basic understanding of it already. I'm not looking forward to pre-calc. I did everything in my power before not to take calculus at all. It's required for my major and for the business program that I hope to get into. I'll just have to study extra hard for that class.

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