Friday, April 20, 2007

PayPerPost is making moves

I know I've discussed PayPerPost here before. They bring bloggers together with advertisers trying to get the word about their product out. Posties can choose the opportunities that they want to talk about. And we get paid for it to boot. How cool is that?

PayPerPost is working hard behind the scenes to make the company better, not only for posties but for advertisers as well. You have to keep the people who are providing the online ads happy. Most advertisers can rate the posties by how good of a job they feel we do. The vast majority are happy with the quality of posts that we put out. Posties take pride in their work and we don't like to put out posts that we aren't proud of.

Well, PayPerPost is making moves by buying another company. They haven't told us who it is yet. It's still "unofficial". That's great news for posties. It means the company is growing and expanding. It also means that there will be additional opportunities in other areas for posties. I think that the new company will expose a different segment of advertisers to PayPerPost who may not have considered them before.

I bet they've acquired a technology company. They're implementing a new platform and moving to a new data center. I want to say it's Tech Crunch but I'm not sure. I know I can't wait until next week to find out who it is. And I know things are really going to get exciting for us posties.

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