Saturday, April 14, 2007

Vote for your favorite blog

Do you have a favorite blog? Well you can nominate it for the first annual Blogger's Choice Awards. Don't know what the Blogger's Choice Awards are? Allow me to explain.

The blog awards are awards where any blog can win. That's right even your blog! You can vote for best blog or funniest blog. Or you can get wild and crazy and vote for the Hottest Mommy Blogger or even the Most Obnoxious Blogger. Me myself, I'm not eligible for either of those categories. I'm not a mom and I'm not obnoxious. Well, I hope nobody thinks I'm obnoxious.

What's really cool is that any blog can win. You can vote for yourself or your friends. How about the cool tech blog you read every day? That's right, nominate it as well. I do have a favorite blog and it's not even one of my own. I am tempted to nominate myself though just so I can put a brag on my blog. Did I mention that yet? They have cool badges that you can put on your site to let everyone know that you were nominated. And each category has it's own badge. If you have 3 blogs and they all get nominated, each blog can have it's own individual badge.

The voting period last until May 22, 2007. The winners will be announced live at Postie Con 07 on June 2 in Orlando FL. Wouldn't that be awesome to be at Postie Con and hear them announce your blog as the best of anything. Just think of the bragging rights you'll have. Don't be shy, nominate yourself or one of your friends today!

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