Sunday, June 03, 2007

Are you really sick?

At least 32% of people who call off work are not really sick. Especially since most companies are moving more towards the more flexible paid time off concept. At my job, you can schedule pto (just as you would a vacation day), or do the usual and call off sick.

Here are the top 15 excuses for calling off sick according to

1. Employee was poisoned by his mother-in-law.

2. A buffalo escaped from the game reserve and kept charging the employee every time she tried to go to her car from her house.

3. Employee was feeling all the symptoms of his expecting wife.

4. Employee called from his cell phone, saying that he was accidentally locked in a restroom stall and that no one was around to let him out.

5. Employee broke his leg snowboarding off his roof while drunk.

6. Employee's wife said he couldn't come into work because he had a lot of chores to do around the house.

7. One of the walls in the employee's home fell off the night before.

8. Employee's mother was in jail.

9. A skunk got into the employee's house and sprayed all of his uniforms.

10. Employee had a bad case of hiccups.

11. Employee blew his nose so hard, his back went out.

12. Employee's horses got loose and were running down the highway.

13. Employee was hit by a bus while walking.

14. Employee's dog swallowed her bus pass.

15. Employee was sad.

I am literally lol at some of these excuses. Especially #'s 1, 5, 9. Have you ever used any of these excuses?

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