Monday, June 04, 2007

Working my money

I work my money to the max. Anyway I can find to make extra money, I do. I work at a bank and they have incentives for banking with them. I didn't get in on this because I already banked there before I started working there.

However, now that I'm a employee, I take full advantage of their programs. I plan on opening a certificate of deposit. They don't pay a high interest rate but my job perks will make it worth my while. I'll get an extra percent plus a gift card. That will make my rate of return over 5%.

I'm also going to get a debt consolidation loans I plan on using this to pay down some outstanding personal loans that I have. Again because I'm an employee, I'll get percentage points knocked off by using automatic debit. So, I'll still spend money for my payments, but the amount that I pay will be much lower. And the loan will get paid off quicker to boot.

I read all types of personal finance websites like They give you great ideas about how to get out of debt. I plan on putting these ideas into action.

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