Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I might go to Cleveland for a game

Cleveland is not exactly a travel destination for most people. But for baseball fans it's a great place to visit. One of my coworkers wants to drive to Cleveland to catch a game. We're planning on making a day of it. We're trying to go to a day game. That way we can leave in the morning, catch the game and hang out for a while before we come back home.

I am definitely not a driver. I like to call myself the designated passenger. One of my responsibilities is to get the directions. I plan on using a site called publicroutes.com. It's a free site and they will direct us exactly where we need to go. I'll also keep the site handy in case we need a map of Boston MA. Hey, who knows, we might make it to a Red Sox game as well. Of course, we probably won't get tickets to the Yankees series in August, but maybe we'll see the White Sox or Tigers.

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