Thursday, March 08, 2007

Awesome dress up game for girls

This is a great site for girls to play Dress Up Games. You can make a customized doll to send by email or to use as an avatar in chatrooms, competitions, or even forums.

Little girls will love this game because they can make the dolls look like them, or anyone else they choose. They can have a blonde doll, a brunette doll or even a gothic doll. The doll maker game will keep them busy for hours.

I went in and played with the game, I had some funny looking dolls. I'm a grown woman and I had fun playing the game. I took a fairy princess doll and changed her look several times. You can change the hair, eyes, the clothes, even the jewelry. So while 2 people may pick the same doll, with customization each doll will have a completely different look.

There are so many themes to choose from it's hard to make a decision. Like I said, I choose the princess. However, you can pick from a mermaid, preps, hippies, divas and my favorite pirates. If you want your fairy princess to have a mate, you can always choose one of the guy themes. However, I have to admit that I didn't play around with the guy themes too much.

These fashion games are fun and there is so much to choose from. There is a sample of the dollmaker in action below. I choose a Greek Goddess doll and an Angel doll. Aren't they pretty. Check out the site, but be careful, it's addicting!

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