Thursday, March 15, 2007

Do you get paid to shop?

In any way shape or form. I'm not talking about mystery shopping or anything like that. I mean cash back from credit cards, debit cards or from websites.

My answer to that is yes. I don't get paid with my credit card. I don't even use that thing that much. I do get points from my debit card. I can then turn those points into gift cards. I'll probably use it for Target, I love that store.

I also earn money back from a shopping website. I use fatwallet, but there are plenty of other sites like it. When you earn your first $5 in cash back, they give you a bonus $5. I have about $76 in that account right now. The bulk of that money was a $15 bonus from my laptop purchase, and $20 cash back when I signed up for Verizon internet.

I don't make the mistake of chasing cash back. If I earn it fine, but if not oh well. Right now, I have no plans on what to do with my cash back. I plan on letting it accrue until I get $100. I'll probably use that money to shop some more.

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