Thursday, March 01, 2007

Student Loan Interest Deduction

I've been reading other blogs and a lot of people are complaining that they can't deduct their student loan interest. To them I say: SHUT UP!!!

I know people worked hard to get through school. I'm still paying loans and I'm back in school. I won't be done with school for three more years and let's just say it's a lot longer for those loans. But, if your AGI is over $65k you can't deduct the interest. Ummm, that's a very respectable salary and more than most people make. I think the average salary is somewhere around 42K. I make less than that so I still get to deduct my interest. But I heard people making 6 figures complaining. Give me a break!!!!!!!!

Be thankful that you're making the salary that you are. I know some people have Masters Degrees and feel entitled to their salary. I think they forget, just like they got their job, they can lose it. And someone will be there to take it for less money. Heck, here in PA, teachers need a Masters and they don't make 6 figures and they love their jobs. For some people it's not really all about the money. Believe me I know, if you don't like your job it doesn't matter how much money you make.

Whew....rant over.

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