Friday, March 16, 2007

Tuition reimbursement is cool

Even though it's only $5k per year. I say only because 1 full semester is almost $6k and on a per credit basis it's $475. So that's 10 credits. I need two 4 credit math classes. So one math class and 2 regular classes meets my tuition reimbursement allotment for the year.

I'm not complaining though because a lot of jobs a) don't offer tuition reimbursement benefits and b) offer a lot less. I know of some other major companies offer about $2500 per year. That's only half. I don't like that we have a 3 year commitment afterwards. It used to be 1 year but was recently changed. But that's not too bad because it's a pro-rated amount.

I just wish I could find some scholarships. Being a non-traditional age student sucks in that regard.

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