Friday, March 09, 2007

Paying down my debt

I've paid down some debt recently, but I really need to pay more. I have a student loan, a credit card and a personal loan.

I'm trying to pay the credit card off first. Luckily it has a super low balance. The sole purpose for it is to help build my credit rating back up. I use it mostly for school and personal expenses. I don't pay my tuition with the card because the school charges a fee for every transaction. I use an e-check for that. The only school-related expenses are my books. Those suckers cost a fortune.

My personal expenses are put on the card because I don't always know my checking acct balance right off the top of my head so it's easier to put it on the credit card. I don't do that very often though. Usually just once or twice a month at Walmart or Target.

Hopefully I'll get a promotion or a raise soon and I can pay my debt faster.

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