Thursday, March 08, 2007

Update to my I hate UPS rant

I still hate UPS. Even more so now. I tried to get a later delivery, but the person assigned to my area is in another part of the city by then. The latest he can deliver is 4:30pm and I'm still at work then.

So I asked if I could have it delivered to a UPS store. You know, the stores they have advertised on tv, and on their website as accepting packages. Sure, they could deliver it there...for a fee. WTH?!?!?!?! I call customer service to ask "what's up wit dat yo". Well, the UPS stores are not really their stores. They are individually owned and operated. The manager at each store has to decide whether they are willing to accept your package or not. The answer is often not, unless you pay a fee. I understand that this is their store to make money. I don't have a problem with that. But UPS advertises this service both on tv and on their website, without disclosing that there is a potential fee involved.

The last thing I asked was whether they could deliver the package while waiving the signature requirement. No, not because the sender wanted it, but because the driver wanted it. Well, it's not required so drop the damn thing already. No, sorry, you have to pick it up. Never mind that I can't get to the service center to get it. Too bad, so sad.

So my great deal on shoes was a bust. I have to wait 5 days before they'll return the shoes to the sender and get a refund. Of course the shoes are sold out now so I can't order another pair with an alternate carrier.

UPS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

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