Thursday, March 08, 2007

My cheating heart

Since I'm on spring break, I've been searching all over the internet finding interesting blogs and websites. I've found a great site's Largest Database Rating Men. These women are serious about exposing cheaters and scammers.

I can't believe they've been around since 2003 and I just found them. Women come on the site and tell stories about their exes. And man, what stories they are. On the home page right now, a man cheated on the wife, then on the girlfriend with the wife-who he had left. Slept with both of them for months, then attempted to reconcile with the ex-wife. What nerve!

They have forums, an entertainment section with jokes and cartoons, a shop, and my favorite - the rate a guy section. You can search by name and area. Most of the men that have been rated are from California. Wow.

This site is definitely an interesting read. You should check it out.

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