Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm staying with T-Mobile

The reason? Because I've had nothing but good experiences with them. I know a lot of people complain about customer service, but I have never had a problem with them. Ever. I have had occasion to call quite a few times, but all calls were completed to my satisfaction.

I also like the quality and variety of phones that they offer. They have bar phones, flip phones,camera phones. You name it, they have it. Did you see the new side kick designed by D. Wade? It's cool. It has his signature gold trim, a camera, music player and a built in keyboard for real web browsing. They have that, the regular side kick and network cards as well.

The promotion I plan on taking advantage of is the free T-Mobile RAZR. I love the RAZR, especially the Dragon Tattoo model. It has bluetooth technology and is a my faves phone. Bluetooth technology means I can put in that cool looking earpiece and talk anytime. It really comes in handy when driving. You don't have to worry about dropping anything or fumbling with the phone. Don't worry I'm a considerate person and I don't talk loud on my phone or in inappropriate places like hospitals or doctors offices.

But my favorite feature is the my faves phone feature. That's where you can add any 5 people and talk to them as much as you want. It doesn't matter what network they're on which is awesome. My family is on 3 different networks so this will work out well. I can call my mom all day long and not worry about minutes because she'll be in my 5, of course.

Need more convincing, there is a $50 rebate when ordering a new T-mobile plan online now through March 31, 2007. That makes the phone free. Yes free. A RAZR free. Right now it's on sale for $49.99, get $50 back and you make a $.01 profit. Now I don't think many people care about the penny profit, but a free ultra cool phone sure sounds nice.

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