Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mama Needs A New Pair Of Shoes

My feet are killing me. The shoes that I wear every day just aren't cutting it anymore. I have 2 pair of every day shoes. One pair just plain hurt my feet. The press the sides together making my feet ache by the end of the day. The second pair are worn out and the cushion inside is lifting, so I end up walking on the hard part of the shoe by the end of the day.

I love to shop online so it should be no surprise that I found Zappo's. They have some nice shoes to choose from. The best part is that I can find designer shoes without paying the designer price. If you go to you can even find coupon codes to get discounts like % off coupons or even free shipping.

I'm looking now. I found a couple of pair of Nine West shoes that I'm seriously considering. Unfortunately, I have to narrow it down to only 1 pair right now.

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