Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year?

I guess this is supposed to be a happy day, but my 2006 sucked so I'm glad to see it go. I guess I have to reveal my resolutions for the year, so here they are:

2007 New Year's Resolutions

1. Save at least $500 more
2. Buy one or two $75 savings bonds. One EE and/or one I.
3. Add 26 shares to one of my drip stock accts.
4. Lose one pants size.
5. Get no grade less than a B in school.

These all seem fairly easy but they all present some challenges:

1-3 I'm paying for school myself. No financial aid or student loans. I do get tuition reimbursement from my employer and that will help. I still have to pay all fees and for books.
4. I don't plan on dieting but cutting back on junk food and exercising more. My biggest challenge with exercising is that if I miss one or two days it's hard to get back into it. Last year I went an entire month without exercising once. Even if it's only 1 or 2 days, I have to exercise every week.
5. My gpa sucks right now so anything less than a B is disastrous. I need good grades to boost the gpa back up.

Well, that's it. My list for the New Year. I'll try to keep everyone updated. Here's to a great 2007!

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