Monday, January 29, 2007

My Cousin-The Baby Gil Grissom

Some people just know what they want to do when they grow up. My cousin has dreams of being a csi. He loves watching that show. All of the technical information that just goes over other peoples heads is fascinating to him.For his birthday, I bought him a microscope. I expected it to be a hit. But it went better than expected. He loved it. He's already spent hours with that thing. He's checking out plants, bugs, samples of juice, anything.

I'm glad to see him take such a serious interest in something early. He's 15 but has already had a passion for science since he was 10 or so. So I feel that as family, I should help nurture him and encourage him to learn.

It was cool buying it too, because I found other cool stuff like goggles, a telescope, and even sunglasses. (Uh, the Bolle's are for me!) I got free shipping from ups with a ton of stuff to choose from. I need to check to see if I can get gift cards, because I know he's going to need more stuff for his growing collection. I'm cool with that because education is important and it's better than him watching junk on tv all day.

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