Friday, January 26, 2007

Wanna Talk Hockey?

Do you like hockey? Wanna talk about with your fellow fans? Well, for the past 5 years this has been the #1 NHL Forum. You can talk hockey to your hearts content here. There are over 7 million posts on a variety of subjects. You can also talk shop with over 28,821 registered users.

The lastest hot topic is the All-Star Game that just took place this past Wednesday. How are the young stars doing? Did they live up to their billing? You can also talk about the possibility of the Penguins leaving Pittsburgh. If they do, should they go to Kansas City or Houston? Both cities are trying hard to get a team. Although hockey has already failed in KC, I guess they wanna try again.

Some of the best players in the league right now are the young stars that have been drafted in the last year or two. If the draft were tomorrow, who would you take with the 1st pick, in the first round? Check out the site to weigh in with your opinion.

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