Friday, January 19, 2007

I Need A New Phone

My contract is up with my current carrier and I'm looking around for the best deal. I currently have T-Mobile but I'm not opposed to going back to Verizon.

The new Motorola KRZR phones are awesome. They have a camera that you can use for video clips, built-in mp3 players and are blue-tooth enabled. I think the feature I like most is the color. They come in silver quartz, black or cosmic blue. Blue is absolutely my favorite color so they had me sold on color alone.

It also has Edge high speed data. So I can use my phone to access the internet on my laptop when I go home. If I get this phone I won't need to buy a separate wireless access card. I guess I'm already sold and need to start looking for where to go buy one.


Michael said...

I gotta advise against the KRZR right now. It offers nothing more than the regular RZR other than the look.

If you want to go for a better phone, try the LG 8600 (the flat one). The only problem I found with it is the flat number pad.

I just bought my wife the Mint Chocolate for Christmas (LG 8500) and she loves it. The controls definitely take some getting used to.

Finally, the old standby is the LG 8300. It's actually ranked #1 on CNET's list of Verizon phones. It's not slim and sleek, but it gets great reception, used MicroSD, and can be hacked easily to enable MP3 playback.

Believe me, I spent a good deal of time researching for the right phone for my wife since she'll have it for 2 years. I would have gone with the KRZR, but it was a waste of money ($179) compared to the LG phones.

Good luck!

Sabrina said...

But it's blue!! lol. Seriously thanks for the heads up, that gives me something to think about. That's what makes blogging great, everybody helping each other out.

LA said...

You sound like my boyfriend who also loves blue and will almost buy something just because of the color!
Don't forget to check out sites like (where i got my first phone) and and where you can get the phones for free......or at least a cheaper price than buing direct from the phone company.
Sometimes, depending on the phone you get you can actually make money back on your purchase. I have used these sites for the last 4 years and never paid for a phone.

Sabrina said...

No you're talking my and free with cash back. Thanks!