Thursday, May 17, 2007

Do you use Pingo?

I do. It's simple and it's easy. Pingo offers global virtual calling cards. A friend of mine could have recently used prepaid calling cards to call the philippines. I know I used the card when I used to date my ex. He lived in the Bahamas. Most phone companies block calls to the Bahamas because of fraud. Luckily I heard about Pingo and was able to get a calling card. It was really weird, I had a hard time calling him, but he had no trouble at all calling me.

Right now when you sign up with Pingo you get $5.00 in free International calls. And as an added bonus, they're offering a $25 gift card giveaway that's good at 9 online merchants. More than 90% of their customers love the service so much that they re-order additional time on their cards. That makes Pingo the leading prepaid calling card provider.

In this day and age of cell phones, it's amazing when you find someone that doesn't own one. I know several people that don't have cell phones. They just don't feel the need to have one. But they do have calling cards in case they are out and need to make a call. Whether you need a card for travelling or as a emergency back-up, Pingo is the way to go.

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