Sunday, May 06, 2007

Site Sponsors

I'm now a publisher for TLA (Text-Link-Ads). I won't get any text links until I get my pr higher. I'm a pr3 but that's too low for them. I do understand that they want higher pr sites, but I also know other bloggers that have a pr3 site and are able to get links. I think it also depends on your Alexa rank. Mine is too high.

It's weird trying to keep track of all of the online tools. Page rank should be high, while technorati and alexa should be low. Right now, I'm just happy that I finally have some page rank back. I was a pr 1 but dropped down to a 0. I guess fluctuations are a part of the game with Google. You can fluctuate with every update. I just hope that with each update I stay the same. If I can't go higher, I'd rather just stay where I am.

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