Monday, May 14, 2007

I can't wait for HDTV Tuesday

I'm excited about this promotion. And it's super easy. First, all you have to do is blog as usual for PayPerPost. Now you already know that you get paid for that. Some of the opportunities pay quite nicely too. But on Tuesday, you get an added bonus. On Tuesday you can win awesome prizes from HDTV all for putting ads on blogs. Are you wondering what kinds of prizes? Well let me tell you. Two people have already won an Apple TV and a PS3. Now those posties are super popular at home.

Some of the next prizes coming up are a Slingbox, a Nintendo Wii, a Yamaha Surround Sound Stereo or a Logitech universal remote. Are you waiting to hear about the HDTV? Well, that's the prize for the end of the month.

You're probably wondering how you can qualify for these great prizes. Well, the first thing you have to do is sign up to be a postie at PPP. Then take opportunities as usual. The special promotion is buried in with the regular opps. So just take an opp as usual, and you might win a awesome prize. Bid4prizes is the sponsor of this promotion. Make sure you stay on the lookout for this great promotion. And if you're not already a postie, get on over to PPP and sign up right now!

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