Sunday, May 20, 2007

My cousin is in the market for a new van

My cousin has severe leg pain. She looks bow-legged but her legs almost turn the in the opposite direction. It's really hard to describe how it looks but you can tell it hurts. She's had problems with her legs since she was a child. She would never take the medicine that they gave her because she didn't want to. The doctors also suggested surgery but because our family is poor she couldn't afford it. Now a days she could qualify for one of the charity programs for medical care but back then those programs weren't available.

As you can imagine getting around is very hard. Even though they have pretty decent bus service where she lives, all buses are not handicap accessible. Some of the buses that are supposed to be are malfunctioning. The lifts don't work or the seats don't actually lift to fit the wheelchair. So they need to look into getting their own handicap van. They can't afford to buy a new van, so they have to really do their homework when buying a used van.

Is the van interior large enough to fit the wheelchair? Has the van been in any accidents, floods, or had any claims against it? Is this a reputable dealer that they're buying from? These are all of the questions that they have to answer before putting down their cash for the van. I told them to just make sure they do their homework first to make sure they're getting the right van for their needs.

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