Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Would you like to win a date with a celebrity?

I know I would, and Gofish.com is making it happen. Right now the featured date is with Mirelly Taylor. She's one of the new up and coming beauties in Hollywood. She played on Las Vegas and Serving Sara. Right now you can see her on the show Numb3rs.

How do you win? You go look at Free videos at GoFish.com. Mirelly will tell you what kinds of things turn her on during a date. Then all you have to do is make a video taped seduction that will knock Mirelly's socks off. Viewers get to vote for their favorite video with the top three making it to the finals. Mirelly will then look at the final 3 and make her choice. The winner gets to fly to L.A. for their date. Who knows, you could win a date and get discovered at the same time.

I love this idea. Where else can you win a date with a celebrity? The video idea puts everyone on equal footing. Anyone can participate. It's not like a lot of other programs where you have to travel somewhere to audition or know somebody in the business to get the inside track on auditions. This one's open to everyone. And all it takes is a killer video to increase your chances of winning.

I really want this contest to be a hit. That way, they will sponsor another contest with a male celebrity. You can best believe I'll be waiting for that one. And maybe we'll get lucky and get one of the hotties from Prison Break like Wentworth Miller. Now there's a celebrity I'd like to seduce!

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