Thursday, May 03, 2007

I got my ticket for Mother's Day

It cost me $100. Not too bad. I was hoping it would be cheaper but I'm happy with that. I paid a lot more for my ticket last year. I have to leave work early because if I leave on time, I won't get to the airport until 6pm and my flight is at 6:30pm. That's pushing it. Sometimes you can get through security quickly, sometimes it takes a while. Also, since I have to take the airport shuttle, I don't want to take the chance that the bus gets stuck in traffic. I'm really excited to be going home.

On another note, I totally misinterpreted what my neighbor said. I thought he was saying that he would take me home for Mother's Day. He meant in general that I could catch a ride if he was going home. I'm glad I went ahead and got my ticket. It was right after I got my ticket, that I realized what he had said. I would have been so mad at myself if I had waited to get my ticket.

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