Monday, May 21, 2007

I want to go to the Caribbean next year

I haven't even gone on this years vacation and I'm already looking towards next year. I always plan at least 6 months in advance to make sure I have the money I need and the vacation days from work.

I want to go to the Caribbean next year. I have my sights set on the Dominican Republic. Most of the people that have visited the island have great things to say. The Dominican is becoming one the fastest growing destinations in the Caribbean. I'm planning on booking a all inclusive family vacation. All inclusive is definitely the way to go when you visit the Caribbean. Most of the food on the islands is imported so it's very expensive. Also, booking airfare and hotels separate is just asking to pay more.

Packages also make sense because you often get extra amenities in the package. The reason for that is the resort figures you spent so much money that you won't want to leave their property. Non-motorized water sports and activities are usually included. That includes snorkeling and banana boat rides. offers all inclusive vacations, in-depth reviews on your destination, and hotel reviews from travelers who have actually visited the resort. Add to that their hot deals, free nights program and percentage off promotions and there's no reason not to visit and book with them.

I work hard so I should be able to relax and/or play hard. That's why I love vacation so much. A week to totally get away and just forget about everything. I can just imagine that umbrella drink now.

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