Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm debating getting an mba

I know I don't have my bachelor's degree yet, but I'll have it next year. I have to start thinking about graduate school now. I need to get my gpa up and take foundation classes to make me a more attractive candidate. I don't need financial or managerial accounting but when you want your mba, those classes are important.

One school that I'm researching is Capella University. It's an online school that was founded in 1993. They offer a graduate program in business as well as technology, education and information technology. Sara Orem PhD is a adjunct faculty member in the school of Business and Technology. She also serves as a coach, owning her own coaching firm. That makes a program seem more legitimate to me when they at least name some of their faculty members so you can research them yourself while making a decision.

As part of my research I'm considering online schools because I work fulltime. It's often hard to find classes to fit into my schedule after work. With online classes, I can go during my lunch hour at work as well as at night. The more convenient it is, the more likely I'll go with it.

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