Sunday, May 06, 2007

A good bookkeeper is hard to find

If you read through some of my old blog postings, you'll see the trouble I had with my taxes and accounting this year. It was a nightmare. Mainly because I had income from quite a few sources last year. I had income from multiple jobs, blog income, unemployment, auction income, and dividends. That was a lot of numbers to crunch. I really needed to get some quickbooks help to help me along the way.

There's a company called Accounting Paradise that will help you with all of your accounting needs. You can get help with payroll or bookkeeping. They work especially well for small businesses. You can get help with your payroll for as little as $60 per month for 10 employees. The best part is everything is done online.

I might need to use their services myself. I may only work one job this year, but I still have online income, dividends and interest to worry about. With quickbooks software, keeping track of everything will be a snap.

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