Friday, May 25, 2007

Women get your money right

First let me say that I understand that men want to get their money right. But it's often assumed that men are better investors than women. While I know that's not always true, most financial planners seem to believe that as well. When couples or women alone go, they often get spoken to in a condescending manner. They usually asked questions like "Did you ask your husband?" or "Maybe we should wait for your husband and see what he thinks". Truth be told, women are just as good as investing as men are.

That's why I'm happy that I've found a woman who is not only a financial planner but she also specializes in helping women reach their financial goals. Elizabeth Potts Weinstein is a independent fee-only Certified Financial planner and the owner of On her site you can find tips such as the types of people that should work with her (people that want to learn more about money) and people that should not work with her (people that want get-rich quick schemes.

You can visit her site to get her free weekly e-zine. There's also a free teleclass each month focus on various topics. If you want to learn how to "Stop Procrastinating About Your Finances", stop on by and sign up.

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