Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My mom and her credit card

I just found out that my mom got one of those awful high interest credit cards. To add insult to injury they have both an annual fee and a monthly maintenance fee. Ugh. I wish she would have talked to me first. There are some great Credit Cards out there, but this bank definitely does not offer one. Her bank specializes strictly in cards for people with bad credit.

I told her that that's no reason to get robbed blind by the credit card company. She can apply for a secured credit card. That's where your balance is determined by how much you have in their banks' savings account. Most legitimate companies will release your deposit after one year and give you a unsecured card.

Either way I think it's a great way to rebuild credit. After all, most people don't qualify for 0% or low interest rate cards. But that doesn't matter that people should be raked over the coals either.

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