Thursday, May 10, 2007

Feeling the love for PayPerPost

I really do love PayPerPost. I actually found them by accident. I was surfing around through other blogs when I saw the name come up. The first 2 or 3 blogs just had affiliate links. I was curious but I didn't pursue it right away. I started reading one of my "must read" blogs and they mentioned payperpost. They went on to describe the company and what it was about. I went to the website and surfed around a bit to get more information.

I eventually signed up with them in January of this year. I was very surprised to see how easy it was to get paid for blogging. I had been blogging just for fun, and now I could get paid for it. Cool with me.

It took me until mid March to find and sign up for the forums. The Posties signed up there are great. Everyone is willing to lend a hand to help you find whatever information you may need. One even went so far as to make a video explaining how ppp works. A postie! He didn't get paid for that. That was his time and effort, just because he wanted to. That's how the posties roll.

Since mid January I've earned over $500 at PayPerPost. And believe me, that's on the low end. Plenty of posties have earned over $1k. We have one Super Postie who's already earned over $10,800. For blogging. Something that she was doing anyway before PPP came alone. Seriously, you need to get over there and check it out yourself. You could start raking in the cash too.

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